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#960 - October 25 2012, 05:50:56
The first API key I entered in the portal shows up as a character called Sergei Turov... I have no idea what or who this character is but it sure isn't one of mine!

Also where's my picture?
#962 - October 25 2012, 15:20:44
The portal is has some issues. Sergei Turov is one of two chars in the db which broke and tends to show up as being owned by random people. :p

Your pic will show up when you get a kill/loss. Normally the Portal is supposed to do that but since it refuses to properly handle your key it skipped over that :p
Joshua Foiritain
#963 - October 25 2012, 16:21:26
Well I'll guess I'll have to log in and shoot stuff then....
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