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The Guardians division is the military arm of the Coreli Corporation. Guardian pilots run defensive and offensive operations against enemies of the corporation, patrol sectors of space we operate in and maintain the security of Coreli's pharmaceutical production facilities. Guardian pilots also serve as a reserve force to be called upon by Serpentis High Command if needed. The Pharmaceutical division is the research and development arm of the Coreli Corporation. Pilots in this division are responsible for operating Coreli's booster research and production facilities, resource acquisition needed to maintain production and the distribution of the final products to distribution facilities and customers. The Directorate is the command and control arm of the Coreli Corporation. It oversees all operations of both the Coreli Corporation and the various Coreli subsidiaries. The directorate also serves as the primary lines of communication with high ranking Serpentis officials and is responsible for coordinating the goals and efforts of both organizations.
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