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The Coreli Corporation is a 16 year old pvp & drug production corporation. We are primarily EU timezone based though do we do also have members in the US timezone and are looking to expand further into this timezone. We've created a mature, drama-free atmosphere and understand real life comes first. We enjoy hanging out and blowing shit up.

Though our home is in the drone regions spend most of our time deployed to warzones in search of interesting content. Due to this we have access to a variety of PVP content ranging from 5 man frigate roams to 5.000 man titan battles and everything in between. To see what we get up to take a look at our fleet tracker. Outside of that we have sov space available for all your ISK making needs. Obviously we also provide the usual services like SRP, jump freighter logistics, contracts seeded with doctrine ships, capital fuel & sponsorship programs to members.

If you're interested in joining then review our requirements below and start the application process here or if you have any questions feel free to ask them on our discord.
(Recent) PVP Experience
We expect all new members to have prior (preferably recent) experience when it comes to living & PVPing in null-sec. We migrate from warzone to warzone so we've found that it can be hard for inexperienced pilots to intergrate into this style of gameplay.
A desire to PVP
We are a PVP focussed corporation and as such we expect all our pilots to share that focus. As we migrate to wherever theres active conflict the types of PVP fights we get into ranges from 5 man smallgang PVP in lowsec to 5.000 man blob PVP in nullsec, the type we have access to depends on our deployment location/objective and all pilots are expected to participate. As we assume everyone wants to go out and PVP we dont use PAP links or other participation monitoring systems.
The ability to fly most subcaps
As our fleet doctrines change to suit whatever the situation requires we dont have specific ship or skillpoint requirements. Generally speaking our doctrines will include a variety of T2 ships and T3 ships and relatively little to no T1 ships. Almost all doctrines will use support ships like interceptors, interdictors and tactical destroyers so being able to fly these ships is basically the bare minimum to be able to participate in fleets. Ideally pilots should also have the skills for popular Heavy Assault Cruisers, Logistics Cruisers, Battleships and their related T2 weapon systems as this will provide you with much greater flexibility in fleets.
The ability to speak
The ability to communicate problems like being tackled, jammed, disconnected, getting lost or other issues to fleet members/commanders is critical and as such all pilots are expected to be able to speak up on voice comms when needed. Outside of fleets theres usually people hanging out on comms while playing eve/other games to socialize with though this is not required.
ESI auths for all characters
We require ESI authorizations for all your characters for standard background checks, managing access to corp/alliance services, etc.
Capital Alt
All pilots are expected to have a capital alt, preferably this alt should be able to fly a dread, carrier and fax though any of the three is fine as cross training into another class is pretty easy once you have all the jump support skills.
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