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The Coreli Corporation is a 12 years old PVP & drug production corporation. We are part of the Mercenary Coalition and sell our combat capabilities to anyone who can afford us. We have fought in the last two world wars and have done various smaller contracts in between them. We base out of our Keepstar in the Basgerin system.
Mercenary Life
We frequently deploy to new locations and get to do all sorts of PVP; anything from 5 man roaming gangs, black ops hotdrops, tech 3 fleets, capital fleets and all the way up to 4000 man coalition battles. Because of our mercenary life we always live in warzones and are never low on content.

We handle a wide range of contracts; anything from destroying/protecting structures to harrasing alliances to evictions throughout in all types of space.
Logistics & SRP
Because we deploy frequently its generally recommended all members have a capital ship of some sort to move their ships in. Members who dont have capitals dont have an issue deploying though as there is always enough capacity left over to help others move. We also have an excellent jump freighter logistics service that can ship anything you need from a market hub to our deployment area within a few hours and contracts are usually seeded with all the ships you need.

The alliance has a ship replacement program for all types of ships we fly, fuel for capitals is provided and both the corporation and alliance have capital ship sponsorship programs for all types of capitals to help you get into them.
Money Making
When members need to make money we also have a 0.0 constellation in the tribute region. Whether you like PVEing, mining, industry or PI, all options are available.
Members & Alts
Requirements for joining
Pilots looking to join Coreli are expected to be able to fly (most of) the following ships:
- Loki
- Cerberus
- Nightmares
- Rattlesnake

Preferably all recruits should have at least one capital capable pilot (and own a capital) as well as this will make the logistics of going on contracts a lot easier for you. This however isn’t a strict requirement, if you can fly all our subcap doctrines but lack capitals you can train into them while relying on others to move your ships for the time being.
Joining Coreli
If you’ve read the requirements above, reviewed the rules page and are interested in joining Coreli you can submit your application here.
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