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The Coreli Corporation is a heavily militarized pharmaceutical research and development corporation that specializes in the production and distribution of cognitive neural boosters. Over the years we have frequently been called upon by Serpentis' Kobro division to assist them during their military operations.

Following the legalization of neural boosters in YC 119 Kobro division have stood down their military operations and returned to the fountain region. As Coreli's Guardian division is no longer tied up in protecting smuggling routes we have settled down in the north as a member of Pandemic Legion and have begun massively expanding our pharmaceutical activities.
Corporate News
Surprise Serpentis Attack Devastates Evaulon VII
Combat booster production begins on the frontier
War of New Eden
Amarrian loyalists clash with Gallente nationalist alliance
DED considering action
Fleet Activity
10th Jackdaw Fleet 347 pilots 1 kills
10th Ferox Fleet 1698 pilots 10 kills
10th Bomber Fleet 29 pilots 25 kills
9th Legion Fleet 17 pilots 13 kills
9th Kitchensink Fleet 16 pilots 10 kills
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