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#87 - June 6 2011, 22:32:00
In todays kill, Liohich in a drake, the following party was not involved and is not on the original km:

MrIc3 (0.6)
Euphoria Released (HYDRA RELOADED)
Tempest (Battleship)
1400mm Howitzer Artillery II (Projectile Weapon)

Any ideas as to why they pop up on our boards but not the naraka, and niether on the km ^^?
Link to naraka boards:
#88 - June 6 2011, 23:48:04
Yeah i saw it, i think he belongs to another kill that the server cant parse as it spammed the shit out of my inbox with errors ^_^

Will check to see whats what tommorow.
Joshua Foiritain
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