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#37 - May 30 2011, 15:22:46
I've reskinned most of the forums and recoded most of the important shit which i think puts the forum at a point where we can test shit.

Registration and forum access
1: Goto register and the use the FULL EVE NAME of whatever char you consider your main and activate it through the email youll recieve.
2: Hit Portal on the left and add the Full API key you can find at http://api.eveonline.com
3: The page should show you 1 or more character names from that account which it has added to the DB, if one of them is in coreli it will also give you default employee level forum access.

Testing and Errors
If you run into any error post during this process feel free to post them here, make sure you use your eve character name otherwise it'll break shit in the future and make sure you use the FULL ACCESS Api key otherwise it'll just give you an error message and cry.

Other then that browser around the forum a bit and post anything that looks broken (yay for screenshots, no attachment function for forums yet though).

Note; Accessing these forums needs to be done through the URL, the forum link on the main website doesnt link to the forum yet
Joshua Foiritain
#41 - May 30 2011, 16:00:18
If you click on the forum tab to the left you get an error message.
#982 - December 5 2012, 14:59:01
#983 - December 5 2012, 15:01:11
Im not a bot damnit.
#1004 - December 12 2012, 11:55:45
Partially worked. Will persist later.
Dr Slaughter
#1124 - April 18 2013, 13:01:01
what the"asdad
Joshua Foiritain
#1393 - October 25 2013, 20:00:17
Test Account
#1394 - October 25 2013, 20:09:18
yay duster!
Kaelen Mosar
#1395 - October 26 2013, 07:13:41
huh, necro?
Zara Tosh
#1506 - December 14 2013, 14:01:04
Test Account
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