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#2021 - March 14 2014, 18:43:02

Not shown on alliance KB nor Corelli

is it bec Tar Son is Viral Society? Maybe Ally KB draw missin mails from one of the main KB's so we get em too on ours.^^
Kaelen Mosar
#2022 - March 14 2014, 20:54:01
It wasnt on the alliance killboard which is currently the only source we pull kills from, i added it to the alliance KB so it should be pulled into ours as well
Joshua Foiritain
#2026 - March 15 2014, 14:02:06
Yeah but was it bec Tar Son is from Viral Society? Kinda unfortunate if we only drag mails from ineluctuable kb' if theres other alliances we fly with, i guess there a few mails "missing" D maybe there is a solution
Kaelen Mosar
#2027 - March 15 2014, 18:19:07
Yeah alliance KB doesnt pull kills from api of other alliances, only our alliance member corps. Alliance killboard should pull kills from eve-kill though so eventually anything posted on there should end up on ours as well.

I disabled pulling straight from eve-kill/zkillboard because there's differences in how edk, eve-kill and zkillboard store stuff like pos modules, tower and poco kills which resulted in lots of double and triple entries.

Also you can manually post the text mail from eve-kill/zkillboard to alliance KB if you want to speed things up
Joshua Foiritain
#2028 - March 15 2014, 21:09:13
i treid but didnt knew the ally kb pw, so i just thought it may be a good reason to adress this anyway ^^
Kaelen Mosar
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