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Joshua Foiritain
#943 - October 10 2012, 21:30:07
Joining Coreli in a few easy steps:
1: Join this forum your characters exact name, that means spaces, dashes, apostrophes, everything. If you have multiple characters that will join Coreli simply pick whichever one you consider your main character. If your name does not match your ingame name please contact Joshua Foiritain to have it fixed.

1A: Activate your account and log in.

2: Join the "Coreli Core" channel ingame.

3: Read our rules and requirements on the website and make sure you meet them. If you don't meet them but still feel you'd make a great addition to the team then apply anyway and tells us why you feel we need you.

4: Click the Portal button at the top, go to 'Account' and 'ESI Authorizations'. Follow the instructions on this page to authorize ESI read access to all your character data.

5: Copy the questionnaire list below, start a new topic in this forum and answer the questions. A recruiter will contact you within a few days/hours after we've looked at your application.

What country are you from?

How old are you?

How much and around which times do you usually play eve?

Tell us something about your ingame history; what have you done, what corps/alliance have you been in.

Why are you leaving your current corp/alliance?

Why do you want to join Coreli?


What activities do you enjoy doing in eve?

Do you have any fleet command experience?

Do you have any experience in any other fields which might be useful to the corp? (Capital/t2/t3/booster production, organizing logistics, seeding markets, etc.)

Do you have a way of making money outside of our home constellation?

What types of ships do you prefer flying?


Did you complete steps 1 through 4 of the application process?

Did anyone refer you to Coreli? (important for our internal recruitment reward program)

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