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Yingzi Maelian
#4786 - December 5 2018, 17:45:30
-What country are you from?

i'm from france and currently living in irland

-How old are you?


-How much and around which times do you usually play eve?

Since 2009 with a big break and since 2011 i'm active

-Tell us something about your ingame history; what have you done, what corps/alliance have you been in.

i done a lot of different corp, started in 2009 and done a long break of eve online for personnal reason i was back in 2011 and tried to find a pvp corp. i done noob corp at the begining and in 2014 i started my life in 0.0 with Babylon Knight and gone to Teutates Raiders after BK closed for few years.\r\n\r\nI leaved to join in 2017 Volta and after the DRF fight i leaved to find something smaller and easier to follow cause my job took a lot of time and that was impossible to play as was required. i join back teutates raiders to play with friend before they move to the south and after the move i leave to find other kind of gameplay in eve. i started to do trap with LSH and organized some dunk, my objective was fun we got it and now i want to be back in 0.0 to do fleet, alliance fleet, and other kind of gameplay u cant get when you\'re in small or solo pvp.

-Why are you leaving your current corp/alliance?

My last corp was unexpected corporation its a friend corp and its really small >10 i leave to find something bigger.

-Why do you want to join Coreli?

honestly i looked the forum the website i imagine a good organisation and to be honest i apply cause i know a little Rivr Luzade and i poked him cause i need to find a good pvp corp.i think i can find here everything i need.

-What activities do you enjoy doing in eve?

everything, i do mining and prod with my alt in a renter corporation of NC, i like to do this to earn isk, i do factional warfare, pvp with honeyhunter, if u need someone to do something and if i\'m log you can count of me^^

-Do you have any fleet command experience?

yes i do, but to be honest if i'm not FC i'll be happy, i prefer to tackle something create a trap manage an escalate of cap but i'm not a FC

-Do you have any experience in any other fields which might be useful to the corp? (Capital/t2/t3/booster production, organizing logistics, seeding markets, etc

i have 32 characters most of them do industry-market-reaction, if you need something i can see what can i do.

i allready done logistics for corporations, i can have many alt cyno.

i m able to help people if they need information of, for example "how to do some Billions in 1-2h\"

-Do you have a way of making money outside of our home constellation?


-What types of ships do you prefer flying?

hum not many preferences, cruiser and BS for most of the time, i'm training frigate atm.

-Did you complete steps 1 through 4 of the application process?

normaly yes

-Did anyone refer you to Coreli? (important for our internal recruitment reward program)

nope i just know a little bit Rivr Luzade maybe he can speak about me a little bit.

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