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Mark Havoc
#4907 - June 9 2019, 23:49:48
E-8CSQ Constellation, Vale of the Silent:
The Coreli Corporation is pleased to offer a new service to those corporations and alliances involved in active combat operations against the Triglavian Collective. Effective with this release, a rapid delivery service straight to combatant forward staging bases will be available for all Coreli products.

CEO of Coreli Corporation, Joshua Foiritain had this to say:

For those Corporations engaged in intelligence gathering and combat activities against the Triglavian Collective; we salute you. The Coreli Corporation wants to make available every possible advantage to all of your pilots and their crews. Until such a time as the festering rotting wounds of the so called Empires decide to act, you serve as the front line in defense of the cluster.

A brief list of items available for shipment is provided below. Additionally our high quality products are available 23/7 at all major trade hubs.

Combat Boosters:
Bluepill, Crash, Drop, Exile, Frentix, Mindflood, Soothsayer, and X-instinct
(doses available include synth, standard, improved, strong)

Agency Series Boosters: Hardshell, Pyrolancea, Overclocker
(does I-IV)

Deathglow: Residue, Decayed and Top Grade.
Consumer Warning! Medical trials are ongoing and the full effects of Deathglow are yet unknown. Extreme hazard potential. Side effects are numerous and severe. Additional shipping cost required due to volatile nature of the substance.

Rest and Relaxation Items: Tobacco, Spirits, Spiced Wine, Synthetic Coffee, Protien Delicacies, Quafe, Holoreels, Exotic Dancers, Nerve Sticks, Crystal Egg, Fireworks.
(janitorial service is subcontracted)


Please send mail inquiries to Mark Havoc, find a pharmaceutical representative in our public communications Chanel “Coreli Core”, or visit our GALNET site linked above.

About: The Coreli Corporation is a heavily militarized pharmaceutical research and development corporation. For the past 14 years we have been working side by side with the Serpentis Corporation to bring you the products you so desperately crave.

Standard shipping costs are 5% of cargo’s market valuation. Bulk orders discounts available. Coreli Corporation takes no responsibility for the effects of any of our products. Consume at your own risk.
Mark Havoc
#4908 - June 9 2019, 23:51:00
Interested Parties please provide your contact information,requested order, and delivery location.
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