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Yeng Constantine
#4883 - March 18 2019, 11:08:34

Sorry for the sudden inactivity of the game and late post. Been busy for the past 4 months handing over my work. My previous work contract is already finished and currently on vacation fixing family things. Later would be a job hunt. Currently i'm on a different timezone so couldn't join any fleet/activity in game.

I already miss the game with you guys. Hope to be back as soon as I'll get a new job. :)

Hope everyone is doing good. God bless fly safe. o7
Kaelen Mosar
#4885 - March 18 2019, 22:03:51
Hi Yeng, all the best for you. See you in space soon =) <3
Joshua Foiritain
#4886 - March 18 2019, 22:26:25
Get in touch when you've got time to play again :)
Page 1 of 1 [ 3 posts ]
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