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Coreli is a 12 year old pvp & drug production corporation. We enjoy having out and blowing things up. Our mercenary life means we are always based in active warzones and get to do a wide variety of PVP styles. Anything from 5 man roaming gangs to 4000 man fleet battles is possible.
We are primarily EU timezone based but have begun heavily expanding into the US timezone. Our activity primetime lies between 13:00 and 04:00 evetime. Our alliance has around the clock coverage in all major timezones. One of our goals is to eventually reach a point where we have +20 pilots online around the clock.
Fleets & Doctrines
We run both scheduled and ad-hoc fleet ops throughout all major timezones and frequently fly frigate, HAC, tech 3 and battleships fleets.
We are fairly laid back in general day to day stuff as a lot of pilots in our alliance have families which they have to schedule their eve time around and this gives us a fairly mature atmosphere as well.
We do however take our PVP seriously; our primary goal in eve is to find interesting fights and we don't really about killboard stats. We have no interest in owning sovereignty and we try and avoid setting blue standings as much as possible. We of course operate under NBSI rules of engagement wherever we go.
As a RP Lite corporation we try and build an interesting storyline around our ingame actions but unlike regular roleplaying corps we generally do not actively roleplay outside of CCP events. Members are of course welcome to do so if they want to buy all corporation and alliance channels are 'out of character'. One of the advantages of being an RP corp is that we get called in by Serpentis & Angel Cartel commanders to join events related to them.
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What Coreli can offer you
Below you will find an overview of what Coreli can offer you when you join us.
Plenty of PVP ops
Whether it's intercepting fleets in AHACS, hotdropping in black ops or roaming around in assault frigates there pretty much always something going on. We also encourage members to try out FCing and we have an internal FC training program in order to expand our FC pool.
Ship replacement program
An alliance wide ship replacement program exists to compensate members for ship losses. Coreli also provides various types of ships to its members free of charge.
Capital ship sponsorship program
A corporation capital ship sponsorship program exists for pilots looking to purchase dreads and carriers. The corporation will cover part of the ships' cost if certain requirements are met.
Our jump freighter chain allows us to frequently do supply runs to and from Jita allowing pilots to easily import and export ships and equipment. On top of this the alliance has pre-fitted ships placed on alliance contracts at our base of operations to allow members to quickly replace their losses.
Our home constellation is a dead end pocket with frequent relic, data, 7/10, 8/10 & 10/10 complexes pilots can use to replenish their isk, anomalies frequently spawn throughout the constellation and belt ratting in our space is quite profitable. We frequently go on gas mining ops through wormholes to supply our booster production needs and a corporate gas buyback program exists.
A Plan
Coreli leadership has developed a several year plan (well three, two are based on possible directions CCP will take the game) to guide development of the corporation and we have the leadership in place to make it happen.
What Coreli expects from you
Below you will find an overview of what we expect from you when you join us.
Skill related requirements
We don’t have a minimum skill point requirement as we believe it’s a meaningless metric. If you think you can be a useful addition to our team we’re more than happy to consider your application. Our doctrines contain ships from tech 3 cruisers down to t1 frigastes so there always a suitable role in the fleet regardless of your skillpoint count.
Active PVP participation
We are a PVP corp and expect pilots to actively participate in fleet ops, if PVP is not your primary interest in eve or you're simply looking for a safe place to carebear we are not the corp for you as you will quickly find yourself back in an NPC corp.
Full API Key
During your application you are expected to add full API keys for your accounts to our portal. These keys are used to generate statistics, maintain forum, teamspeak and jabber access and to run security checks. Valid keys must remain active while you are a member of Coreli.
Joining Coreli
Pilots interest in joining Coreli should review our Rules & Regulations listed here. Once you've read these you can visit the recruitment section on our forums and follow the instructions listed there.
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