About Coreli
The Coreli Corporation is a heavily militarized pharmaceutical research and development corporation that specializes in the production and distribution of cognitive neural boosters. Alongside the Mercenary Coalition we have deployed into the Caldari/Gallente warzone where we are assisting Serpentis' Kobro division in disrupting local military operations.
Corporate News
29th Nov ET EOC.TV Charity event, Coreli Squad
Neural booster sales and delivery service open to the public
Coreli returns home
Coreli forces assist Serpentis during assault on Evaulon system
The war rages on
Military Campaigns
Contract: The 2nd Great War 2,017,581,625,750 ISK 1,037,111,000,268 ISK Active
Re-Syndication 89,274,759,341 ISK 12,328,257,859 ISK Ended
Contract: Eviction notice 5,303,485,403 ISK 930,019,903 ISK Ended
Contract: Search and destroy 5,972,791,652 ISK 110,501,139 ISK Ended
Contract: The Motherland 25,966,483,001 ISK 5,777,758,837 ISK Ended
06:17:09, April 22nd, YC
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