Cmdr FlipFlop Application
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Cmdr FlipFlop
Post 08 Feb 2018, 20:27
What country are you from?

South Africa

How old are you?


How much and around which times do you usually play eve?

25-30 hours a week usually between 16:00 and 23:00 ET

Tell us something about your ingame history; what have you done, what corps/alliance have you been in.

Started in Catch back in 2009 and joined Solar Wind that was in -A-, but after -A- died i found myself joining RVB since RL left me with little time to play. So wanted to join a corp where I can log on and find quick fights without looking very hard. After that I found myself back in 0.0 and joined a pvp corp in Stain and enjoyed it for some time but after some members left I didn't really feel the vibe anymore but sticked with them, and we joined CO2, but after the fall of CO2, I left because they wanted to do the WH thing and I didn't feel like that was my playstyle.
Then I joined a few corps and saw Maruk in local one day and we had a chat, I decided to join an old buddy to fly with him again and also join an elite pvp corp and alliance.

Why are you leaving your current corp/alliance?

Joined PH because I was waiting to talk to my vouch before applying.

Why do you want to join Coreli?

Talked to my buddy and it seemed like he had a lot of fun, and lately eve has gotten very boring for me, so looking to join an elite pvp corp where i can fly with some old friends and also participate in epic battles. And you guys look like a good community


What activities do you enjoy doing in eve?

I love pvp, doesn't matter what type it is. But I enjoy small gang warfare a lot

Do you have any fleet command experience?

Only Fc'd a few small fleets when I lived in Stain. Other than that not really, but wouldn't mind learning.

Do you have any experience in any other fields which might be useful to the corp? (Capital/t2/t3/booster production, organizing logistics, seeding markets, etc.)

I know how to fly carriers and dreads and saving up for a super and don't have a problem doing any of the other fields, always open to do something new, but do not have a lot of experience in some of the fields though.

Do you have a way of making money outside of our home constellation?


What types of ships do you prefer flying?



Did you complete steps 1 through 4 of the application process?


Did anyone refer you to Coreli? (important for our internal recruitment reward program)

Maruk Ihnati
Former Employee
Post 09 Feb 2018, 15:38
Thank you for your application, we will be looking into your application and come back to you before this comming weekend is over.

Former Employee
Post 12 Feb 2018, 20:28
Application Approved, Welcome To Coreli
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