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Joseph Slant
Post 02 Jan 2018, 19:33
What country are you from?
United States
How old are you?
How much and around which times do you usually play eve?
several hours at a time avg like 2-5 and times vary due to work and university schedule. basically whenever I'm not doing anything else
Tell us something about your ingame history; what have you done, what corps/alliance have you been in.
I've been in and out of SOP due to taking 1 year breaks from EVE due to burn out. I've been lookig to try new things and actually have fun in EVE but thats difficult without a corp and Alliance that supports your needs both in location and member base. SOP is pretty much dying out as far as I can tell.
Why are you leaving your current corp/alliance?
see above. I want to try new things, current Alliance is dying out and I can't find anything or anyone to support me the way I need. Also shitty corp tax of like 500,000 ISK montly is ridiculous since I'm not online enough at the right times to mitigate it with participation points.
Why do you want to join Coreli?
Saw in Game billboard advert showcasing drugs. Booster manufacturing Is something I've wanted to do for a while, among other things.

What activities do you enjoy doing in eve?
PVP, mining, manufacturing
Do you have any fleet command experience?
minimal, just got the newbie FC tag from my current Alliance but lack of interest from others and few support resources means I haven't been able to take out any fleets
Do you have any experience in any other fields which might be useful to the corp? (Capital/t2/t3/booster production, organizing logistics, seeding markets, etc.)
no, my main has capital skills but I've not the isk to buy one, cant do T2/T3 production because no support and all moon mining materials are watched and contracted to alliance. want to do almost all of the above.
Do you have a way of making money outside of our home constellation?
yes, my alts that I've just inherited and resurrected are Ice miners in Kamio
What types of ships do you prefer flying?
ECM ships, Don;t know what it is but the Scorpion just gives me a massive hard on


Did you complete steps 1 through 4 of the application process?
Did anyone refer you to Coreli? (important for our internal recruitment reward program)
no, saw corp/alliance advert on billboard
Joseph Slant
Post 02 Jan 2018, 19:41
almost forgot, contact Alice Strife in game. not sure to what extent you can view converstions and logs with a full API but I don;t want to get booted for talking to recruiters
Former Employee
Post 02 Jan 2018, 20:38
Thank you for your application, feel free to hang out in our public channel while we look at your application.

// Arctramiss
Former Employee
Post 04 Jan 2018, 20:35
Application Rejected, thank you for applying to Coreli.
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