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Joshua Foiritain
Core Operations Officer
Post 02 Nov 2012, 13:33
As our campaign against the Intaki Prosperity Initiative nears the end of its 4th week we felt it was time to review the war so far.

During the start of our campaign IPI forces actively sought to avoid engaging Coreli forces and tried to go about their business when our pilots were otherwise occupied. Though moderately effective Coreli forces were quick to adapt and began hunting IPI pilots through all of high security space.

Abandon ship
Two weeks into the war several IPI pilots attempted to split off from the alliance by starting a new corporation called 'De Rokha Industries'. War was quickly declared against this corporation and it disbanded the same day.

In an attempt to distract our forces De Rokha Industries choose to join the 'Dec Shield' alliance hoping that throwing enough other people in front of us would stop us from hunting them.

One of these innocent bystanders the IPI threw under the bus was the 'Department of Health and Wellness' who lost several ships and had to sit and watch while Coreli pilots stole their small Amarrian Control Tower.

The IPI's cowardly tactic has so far not prevented us from hunting down IPI pilots and has turned out to be quite profitable.

Customs offices
In an attempt to draw out IPI forces Coreli pilots have been actively engaging IPI customs offices in the Intaki star system. Though the IPI proved incapable of defending these themselves their allies were often called upon to rescue them.

The snuffbox corporation assisted us in destroying the first customs office as Coreli forces were considerably outnumbered by IPI allies. After this we decided to try and wear out their allies and over the course of two weeks Coreli forces have been attacking IPI customs offices every few days.

IPI allies eventually grew tired of assisting the IPI and Coreli forces were able to destroy the second customs offices without much resistance.

In order to draw out IPI forces Coreli replaced the IPI customs office with one of our own but the IPI itself made no attempts to destroy it. Instead their allies and Caldari State loyalists, the Liandri Covenevant, did this for them.

IPI allies join the war
Today the Coreli Directorate has officially declared war on the Liandri Covenant as well.

The war so far
So far Coreli forces have destroyed over 1.5 billion isk in IPI assets while having lost 90 million ourselves. Several hundred million isk has been collected in loot from destroyed vessels. 11 IPI pilots have chosen to abandon their alliance.

Detailed combat statistics can be found here.
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